Costa del Sol, a Worldwide exclusive stage.


It´s absolutely important to be present in the center of the Map.

The ¨Costa del Sol¨ region in Spain is a Worldwide famous location for being considered a central meeting point for business matters. People from Singapore and Mexico City (for instance), agree locations like Marbella or Estepona as perfect places to set their meetings for their private interests. The same happens when somebody from Hong Kong needs to meet a person coming from New York. ..Or Moscow & Buenos Aires, Cape Town & Miami… they all agree an equidistant place with good weather where they can close their deals in a proper environment. In short, we are located at a GEOGRAPHICALLY STRATEGIC PLACE in the Map of the World. Basically this always means a true chance for the ¨OPPORTUNITY¨: you must be here ¨yes or yes¨, if you really want to be involved in the wheel of business.

Actually the biggest expat communities in Spain are located in the ¨Costa del Sol¨ region. That´s why Malaga City is considered a strategic consular area in Europe as well, hosting the current 41 International Consulates that are located here. Specially the British Expats Community –Brexpats in Spain-, the biggest one abroad from their own country. Russians, Arabs, French, German, Dutch and Scandinavians are truly strong here too. At the same time, Mexicans and Chinese are expected to be the ¨next generation¨ here soon.

King Fahd from Saudi Arabia knew all this very well, and build his private ¨Al Riyadh Palace¨ in Marbella, together with an exclusive Muslim library safe keeping more than 30,000 volumes about the Holy Koran, and the Al Risalat Mosque, what encompasses the biggest Muslim cultural complex in Occident.

Al Riyadh Palace

(Al Riyadh Palace)

Following the same steps, the new Monarch Salman Ibn Abdelaziz has recently build his ¨Al-Riya Palace¨ here too. In fact, the House of Saud is not alone here, and other huge celebrities as the actors Antonio Banderas, Robert De Niro or George Clooney, the singer Julio Iglesias, the Manchester United shareholder Ron Wood, the Russian President Vladimir Putin, or the Thyssen Baroness and Her Royal Highness Grand Duchess of the Alba House, have their own properties in this region too. Even the football player Cristiano Ronaldo has recently bought a property in Estepona, which gives clues about the expansion of this ¨strategic paradise¨ in the whole World. At the same time, all of them have their yachts moored in Puerto Banus, the most expensive Marina at the moment in the Mediterranean Sea.

When you become such an important focal point like this in the Planet, you have to be aware of the consequences that this brings. I mean, all the Secret Intelligence Services in the World are present here too. When you go out to a discotheque in the night at Puerto Banus, you have to know there are special agents from the MI6, the CIA, the Mossad or the SVR Agencies mixed in the crowd. Far away from any possibility to get scared, this simply means a basic concept of ¨TOTAL SECURITY¨. Consequently, the ¨Costa del Sol¨ region is one of the most safest and controlled places in the Planet today.

According to all this, you can dedicatedly find ¨La Zagaleta¨ urbanization here. This is the most hidden and exclusive residential complex in Europe. It is the only urbanization in the whole Continent that quotes on the Stock Exchange Market -¨Zagaleta Limited¨, London based company-, through the Sankt Gallen Bank in Switzerland, for an ¨over the counter¨ secondary market.

In consequence, all these factors make the ¨Costa del Sol¨ at the same time, one of the golf-fields biggest concentration Worldwide, together with the feeling of enjoying one of the most climatically stable areas in the Planet.

So, in conclusion, I can strongly say that when somebody decides to invest here, ¨IS ABSOLUTELY PRESENT IN THE MAP¨.


La Zagaleta¨ exclusive urbanization)






Why proceed with an independent consultant.

In this current World where competition is fierce, you need to get really well surrounded to not be devoured. In this sense, I work at the same time with local property owners, Real Estate investors, agencies, lawyers and public administrators in Spain. If you want to buy/sell a property in this country and you are coming from abroad, an independent consultant can make an efficient intermediation for your private interest, not following any compromise with just one specific provider, as agencies do regularly. This allows you to open a big field for an execution plan… and in my opinion, this is enough.

Plus, there are more relevant weapons to seriously keep in mind:

1). Rigorousness.

Usually, an independent consultant´s work method and philosophy are unique. The power for this is given by the project selection capability we have on schedule, due to we can decide where to work and where not. At the first moment I visit a potential property on sale, I make a complete and exhaustive analysis about the product, considering key concepts as the location area, other similar properties on sale, the house services, major assets and weaknesses, legal terms as licenses, certificates and tendencies, views, construction, energy consumes, maintenance, handicap adaptation, insurances, financial debts, source of money,… trust me: nobody in this industry gets as ¨precise¨ as us, when we are forced to focus strongly in our client. We are not international companies, so this means ¨we can´t fail¨.

After the whole analysis process, we agree the final ¨correct price¨ of the property with the owner. Sometimes property owners demand a higher price in their initial intentions, but we make them see how such important ¨the right price¨ in the market is, for the ¨proper buyer¨ to come. If somebody does not have this in mind, that person is practically ¨dead¨, even before opening this complicated ¨window to the World¨ that means buying/selling a property. And even if after the process we consider the final price of the property is not reciprocated with its context circumstances, we simply don´t accept the project. Our buyers know this at the same time, and we will never betray their trust. They always demand that exact & precise ¨right price¨too.


2). Security.

Other key to seriously consider at the moment of taking the decision of working with an independent consultant, is the ¨BACKGROUND FREE CHANCES¨ behind any project transaction. When you enter the world of a buy/acquisition property, you can´t imagine how many unforeseen circumstances appear on the way, and which all of them finish always in the same way: as big is the commission, as easier is the final solution. In the other hand, simply accepting our services as we are independently involved in the local market, our clients enter the chance and support to collaborate with the best local lawyers, photographers, advertisers, civil servants, contract translators, ..and the rest of professionals involving the Real Estate market that a property transaction requires. This is something that sometimes big agencies don´t take in consideration, due to they always work with the same providers, who worriedly get ¨comfortably established¨ in the time.  In this sense, with an independent consultant you will have your property intentions in the best possible local professional hands ready to give their best, because they need to make their client portfolio strong. They work when their clients speak well about them, …and trust me again, there is no money that can afford this personal kind of service.

3). Customization.

It´s really easy to get an agreement with us, due to our capacity for comprehension is limitless. You can deal with us for whatever you might need, and we will see how we can help you in the terms we are interested as well. We don´t have any ¨strict company rule¨ to follow due to our professional freedom for execution, and in this sense, life is undoubtedly much easier with us. Your problems would become our problems too.

This is our main principle, and be sure nobody else mired in compromises will be capable to tell you the same. That´s why in the end we become ¨real friends¨ after working with our clients. Familiarity is one of our main features too.



Invest where you feel safe.


…It´s such a big shame what the whole World is watching these days about Catalonia in Spain. Experts foresee the ¨Costa del Sol¨ region in Spain as the most benefited part in this story, relating to varied subjects as congresses, tourism, cruise ships and Real Estate. This is sad for an ¨old school¨ person like me, who loves celebrating  victories by own merits, rather than any other parallel ¨demerit¨. Beyond this, now it is time to get ready for what comes to our region, specially the area of Estepona, as I said before in my referred post.

According to this, I wanted to check which the safest countries Worldwide to invest or travel are.  You can visit the Global Peace Index-2020 created by the ¨Institute for Economics & Peace¨, the world’s leading think tank dedicated to developing metrics to analyse Peace and to quantify its economic value. It´s founded by the entrepreneur and philanthropist Steve Killelea.

This rank is defined by not only political or crime issues. It also includes analysis of ¨TRENDS¨ (this word is magical for me) in Positive Peace: the attitudes, institutions, and structures that create and sustain peaceful societies. It looks at the relationship between the actual Peace of a country, and how a deficit of Positive Peace is often a predictor of future increases in violent conflict. Plus, it looks as well at the dynamic relationship between changes in Positive Peace and changes in the economy.  ..This is wicked.

As you can see at the 163 countries rank, Spain is listed #32 losing 3 positions. I´m pretty sure the Catalonia issue is the main reason for these data, together with the unstable political situation at the whole country, after four Presidential Elections in four years. This means, if we were capable to remove the Spanish politics, this country would be a TOTAL PARADISE. The rest is great here: logistics are increasing, and modernity is already a fact.

..What really strikes me are the horrible ranked positions for other ¨supposed powerful¨ countries in Tourism Worldwide. I mean France (#60, the most visited country Worldwide), or the USA (#128, the second most visited), ..and even both countries are losing positions according to last year´s rank . This is crazy.

In the same way, it´s still surprising (at least for me), discovering other lost ranked references as Israel (#146), or Turkey (#152),.. two big competitors for Spain in Tourism. ..Or Italy & the United Kingdom close but bellow Spain, with the great consideration that the UK is apparently climbing positions after the ¨Brexit¨ effect. This means societies are always the main engine of this World.

China & Russia are where no reasonable mind could imagine (#110 and #154 respectively.. I guess there are political interests before these data), and my big surprise (and congrats) for Portugal, ranked #3, climbing 2 positions, staying always there, and doing the things properly. Probably this is the only exception for a whole European Continent, that goes down in a general and worrying trend.



-About the Institute for Economics & Peace.

-Catalonia crisis in 300 words.



The ¨El Pais¨ newspaper announces today the new project that is coming in Cuba for the Year 2022 (there´s not any info in english about this issue yet). A new 5* luxury tower hotel that totally breaks the traditional architecture in the Island. It seems as¨vanguard¨ finally reaches Cuba too.

This initiative is the first one announced by the new Cuban Government after the recent nomination of Mr. Miguel Diaz-Canel as President in Cuba, after Castro´s Regime. And a short while after as well, the Kempinski Resorts chain opened the first 5* luxury hotel in Cuba, just one year ago.

This new growing context will build a huge renovation in what is currently considered as ¨the last communist stronghold in Human History¨. In this sense, my personal opinion is that Cuba probably will try to rescue once the old and almost forgotten atmospheres of the casinos, the Cabaret Tropicana Club, the smoked atmospheres full of cigars and cocktails… the ¨famous Cuba¨ that we all have in mind.



After 60 years of real ¨survival¨, the recent cuban generations are not prepared to not even guess what the concept of ¨real luxury¨ means. Just hardly the 5% of the population in the Island can speak fluent english for instance, and the teenagers love now wearing luxury clothing brands, without taking any consideration for the authentic or fake clothes. They are not used to take care of their traditions eather, and the Reggaeton music is killing today the old salsa and the guajira traditional tendencies.

In this way, the cuban ¨mystical soul¨ is in a current danger of extinction, and involving this context, I´m pretty sure the next luxury tourists that arrive the Island in the future, will get a total ¨shock¨ for what they were supposed to be expecting to find in the Island, versus what their eyes will really see in front of them. ..What I lived for three years there, definitely no ¨luxury visitor¨ will be able to experience it again.




They will not be able to pay in a double national-foreign currency, and you can´t imagine how BIG! this change is. The Cuban soul has traditionally emerged from a complex ¨deal¨, where the locals developed their intelligence to survive buying in the local markets, to later resell everything in the foreign environments. This was the strategic beginning of a human interaction between cubans and foreigners, to obtain for instance real exclusive cigars from the Partagas Company, or amazing white rum bottles from the Havana Club Factory. Both of each parts were earning their owns interests in these kind of relations, and all this originated later a beautiful relation of real ¨friendship¨ among them. In the end, and according to their hospitality (cubans are very thankful and they really appreciate your interest for them), you finished visiting their homes, attending their private familiar parties, knowing the real cuban ¨idiosyncrasy¨, and in that moment you began to become a ¨one more cuban¨.

This is how I met Mr. Alberto Granados ( the man who rode with Che Guevara on an idealistic motorcycle odyssey through South America in the early 1950s), or such local famous artists as Tania from ¨Bamboleo¨ and Pablo Menendez from ¨Mezcla¨, the Otero family from the ¨Cojo Otero¨ personal helicopter pilot of Fidel Castro in the Cuban Revolution, relevant politics in their private parties at the Hemingway Marina as Isidro Leal, the Havana City Historian, or recognized pioneer celebrities in the Island as Mongo P, the founder of the mythical ¨Bodeguita del Medio¨. You can even find in the way, shocking surprises never imagined as a german motorbike from the World War II.

All these amazing people and unforgettable anecdotes, all these real human friends gained in the life path, appeared in my life thanks to a first beer with whoever any unknown local person found in any cuban street, and from a necessary humble predisposition from the tourist to reach the principles of other cultures such different to theirs as cuban culture is. In this sense, it is obligatory to leave the arrogance at home first. This is a good advice trust me.

jorgemedinaazcarate cuba



I´m afraid we are currently living the last moments of a real ¨golden era¨ of Humanity, for a place where you can still find real ¨human beings¨ even today. If you are considering the idea of visiting Cuba in a ¨real luxury way¨, that goes beyond the just 5* caves and prioritizes other ¨5* experiences¨, then please don´t hesitate to contact me. Together we will explore all the facilities that the Island already offers as luxury villas, yachts, classic sedans and amazing restaurants according to a luxury concept, but going deeper as well in the field of emotions through the ¨unique experiences¨, that just a few privileged people can reach worldwide.

You will not regret, this is a last call for demanding travellers. History lives.

For further info visit

jmaspain cuba


Luxury is the opposite of vulgarity.


Well, I think it is time to speak clearly about some things.

What exactly should be the concept of ¨Luxury¨?. The extraordinaire founder of all these things Ms. Coco Chanel used to say: ¨Luxury is the opposite of vulgarity¨.

According to this, I guess we should all thoroughly review this concept that is worryingly beginning to get ¨diluted¨ (into I do not ¨what¨), step by step in this 21st. Century. You just have to check in Instagram for the hashtag ¨#Luxury¨, and I guess you will realize what I am trying to mean now.



I mean we should necessary begin to make a stop and think about all these things carefully, before we kill ¨that goose¨. Specially now when the Luxury Industry presents its best global perspectives ever for the near future, with a 9%/year growth up to the year 2025, driven by a growing Chinese middle class and a recovery in more mature worldwide markets, such as the new Millenials era; that ¨tech-savy¨ generation that will represent 45 percent of overall luxury consumption, with Asian consumers accounting for more than half.

The biggest reference worldwide in the Luxury Market, the Jumeirah Group, is about to expand its hotel offer with at least five new resorts and the launch of a new lifestyle brand. The other ¨giant¨ in this context, the Marriot Group, is planning to open 40 Luxury Hotels in 2018, which demonstrates we are already IN a new golden era of Luxury.




However, I guess we are doing something wrong when experts need to incise the concepts of ¨real Luxury¨, or ¨true Luxury¨, as if they were forced to make a difference for what might be currently happening.

..Can we conceive as ¨Luxury¨ the first tourist trip around the Moon planned for the end of 2018??.

..Is ¨that¨ what Ms. Coco Chanel was referring as ¨Luxury¨ in the 20th. Century??.

..Or on the other hand, are we changing the rules now??. Are we considering ¨Luxury¨ as for instance the beach club parties where attendants spray 1,000eu. bottles of champagne??.

Because this is really happening today, and I guess these numbers are also included in all the ¨analysis¨ related to the future of the Luxury Industry. In this sense, I am afraid we might be unconsciously creating a new market bubble where the concept of ¨Luxury¨ is just becoming a powerful tool for the client attraction.




In the current moment when plenty of ¨outsiders¨ are entering the market of Luxury, I guess ¨exclusivity¨ is something that begins to lose its essence. Now, everybody with ¨simply money¨ can afford what before was just reserved for the privileged. This is a process with no apparent limit, that probably began with the gestation of the new generation of rich sportsmen who raised from non-privileged environments. People that began to behave like most of the current ¨Millenials¨ do today.

In this way, it would be really opportune to make an exhaustive balance for what the National Basketball Association (NBA) was in the USA thirty years ago, and what it has really become these days. Make a proper comparison for what players like Julius Erving, Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan behaved in their golden days, and the current celebrities that surpass this sport today. I do not just mean tattoos or mega cars (probably everything began through the forward Dennis Rodman). I mean getting out of jail to play the games.

..And I guess this is sadly and worryingly detrimental for the current concept of ¨Luxury¨. In the end, we all have to be aware of how Millenials behave today as their heroes do. The ¨monster¨ is already being fed.




The ¨real¨ luxury traveler already knows about all these things, and the industry must now adjust its strategies to the new ¨tsunami¨ that it will face in the next few years. I think it is time for the ¨unique experiences¨ conceived as ¨high class actions¨, not based in tangible resources but inapproachable and educated live enjoyments.

In this sense, CREATIVITY will be the next powerful tool to satisfy the high expectations for ¨exclusivity¨, that Luxury consumers will demand from now on. Luxury providers will be forced to create authentic ¨lifestyles¨, more than just fleeting moments.

According to this, 1. influence at the time of attending events will gain prominence to the detriment of the affluence. 2. Wellness will beat the eccentricity. 3. Authenticity will end up with vulgarity. 4. Education will delimit the class.  5. Segmentation will prevail over the crowds. 6. Limited editions will become the real trend. 7. Ethical offers will be a must. 8. Long term exclusive  attention will make the difference. 9. Engagement will build customer fidelity. 10. Higher prices will make ¨Luxury¨ just affordable for the real luxury consumers. These are my personal trends for the next years.

Definitely, ¨once in a lifetime experiences¨ will give rise to the next ¨Real Luxury¨ providers. In this way, I would say the Luxury Market will get into a new era of ¨Status¨. We are in the moment of determining the differences for the ¨High Class Luxury¨ versus the ¨Low Class Luxury¨.

The first ones leading this challenge, will place their brands in the new coming market. The same one that probably will rescue the essence of what Ms. Coco Chanel spoke about once.