Some people say ¨nothing but a classic style construction¨. Others say ¨Contemporary is the Future¨. ..All right, let´s make some good lines about this.

The thing is, I had such a good conversation with honorable Mr. Conde Rudi in Marbella about this subject almost two years ago. To be honest, he was very upset in that moment about ¨new contemporary villas¨ in Marbella. In his opinion, these new constructions (he calls them ¨cubes¨) are bringing ¨this kind of Tourism¨ that is currently invading Marbella. He was meaning the new young loaded crazy ¨bas***ds¨ with Ferraris and no education, that behave as if the World was theirs. These guys who put their noisy engines in a 200km/h. speed at an 80-limited street (not even a road). The same ones who drink like animals, shoo the good ones away, and definitely, change the traditional ¨glamour¨ that made Marbella famous once, into what this place is becoming today. In this sense, he says if we keep going in this way,  it will be difficult we can compete against Monaco again, like Marbella did in the golden days.

In parallel the new style construction villas, in his opinion, totally ¨crash¨ with the traditional Marbellian coastal landscape, traditionally build by real classic-luxury mansions during the last 60 years. The same effect happens even harder, when we take a look at the old town in Marbella, created in the Xth. Century by the Arabs, and what means a whole cultural andalusian pride today, used as corporate image in many advertising campaigns, for the international promotion of the Andalusian Government.



In the other hand, I attended the last SIMED Real Estate Hall edition in Malaga City, just three months ago. I casually had the same chat again in this Forum, this time with Mr. Jose Ignacio Esteban, General Manager in ¨Avintia Industrial¨, one of the biggest construction companies in Spain.

When I told him everything relating to my chat with Mr. Condi Rudi, he got ¨shocked¨ at first moment. He recognized he had never had a conversation like this before, and in a most-honest way, he said ¨this is something important to think about¨.

His conclusion was, the market sets aside judgment always, and the market offers what the market demands. In this sense, construction companies just follow these basic rules to build what people really demand. In his opinion, people are searching for new ¨sensations¨ today. People need to feel ¨exclusive¨, through outstanding properties that make the difference with the past, the context, or the traditions. ¨History¨ is a second level matter today, and buyers pay now for modern-technological-sustainable with amazing views houses. That´s all, who cares the rest.

Therefore, buyers are who pay, and in this current capitalist system where ¨money¨ means everything, buyers simply are the ¨deciders¨. Like it or not, we all have to respect this, otherwise you can put your own money and decide by yourself.

(..It´s a hard decision, I know).

jma simed


I am originally native from the Basque Country, North of Spain. There were big controversies in the 90´s about two current relevant buildings there: The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, and the Kursaal Center in San Sebastian. Absolutely no-bo-dy agreed those type of constructions in the beginning, and the social reason was always the same: ¨who wants those modern ¨monsters¨ here??¨. Today nobody conceives any of both cities without them, even Basques feel proud of them, and they would never imagine their current cities without their ¨monsters¨. They brought ¨Modernity¨, and they completely changed the idiosyncrasies of their social environments. Today, both cities are strategic touristic centers in the area, and a whole Basque population continuously grows becoming a referential 21st. Century society.

This is not a unique isolated example, and you can find similar references in Spain such as the ¨City of Arts and Sciences¨ in Valencia, or the ¨Torre Glòries¨ in Barcelona. If you go abroad, the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, the Sydney Opera House in Australia, or the Zeitz MOCAA Museum in Cape Town are undoubtedly representative cases too. In this sense, I guess we can all agree the civil public construction brought a new ¨lifestyle¨ concept adapted into a private contemporary residence way of life now.

..And this simply means ¨The World keeps rolling on¨. Probably we might be currently surfing on a current ¨construction wave¨, but let the market say the last word.