A total Luxury case study


Well, I must admit this is a real dream come true for me. I always say when you evidence ¨passion¨ for what you do, Life is mutual with your proceed.

This is the simulation for what comes in the next months. A beachline Luxury mansion for a ¨top class super-VIP¨ client that decided to set his life in Marbella-Spain, and will bring his exclusive private luxury car collection with him. In this occasion, the picture shows the proposal for a glass-walled parking garage area, where the roof becomes a terrace floor at the swimming pool & garden areas, within amazing-privileged sea views. ..Can you imagine it???!!,.. in this sense, the garage gets into a kind of ¨trophy cabinet¨ where guests will be able to get delighted at the private parties in the place. Obviously the future owner of this beauty got excited for the plan, and this will be a real fact soon. No matter anything else but ¨execution¨; no lack of whatever else.


As you can sense, a project of these huge dimensions requires the ¨gift of the opportunity¨. You have to be at the precise place in the right moment, otherwise this would have simply been a crazy story.

When I was contacted for ¨a coffee¨, I would have never imagined what there was in behind. My friend said ¨George I need you, leave everything¨. ..When she explained everything in detail, I began to follow her instructions. These are the ¨keys¨ that I consider strategic for the successful path since the origins of the case:


When a project like this enters your Life, forget concepts as ¨commission¨ or ¨profit¨. You just have to BELIEVE! in yourself, and bet for an extraordinary opportunity that your career faces. In a current World invaded by ¨egos¨, the 70% of the projects fail down due to ¨authoritarianism¨. So, it is important to know how to listen to the others, being capable of providing solutions at the same time. This is how work teams grow, and this means you will be wrong if the first question is ¨how much my money will be¨. You just evidence you are the right person for this since the beginning,  …and the rest will come.


Everything matters, even though you think something is trivial. You can´t imagine how many ¨potential good options¨ we have been prospecting during the last three months, in order to achieve the ideal land plot or property existing in the market, for a hypothetical final solution, being capable of satisfying the demanding needs of the client at the same time. This means, if a lawyer, or architect, or whoever involved in the case, calls you whenever saying ¨we have to meet this person in 15 minutes¨, you are always obliged to say ¨YES¨ with no excuses. People have their own Life, their own duties, their own needs to solve, and if they just minimum sense you are ¨occupied¨ in the first moment, then they will consider the idea of prioritizing in their things too. …And obviously, in that instant moment the solution flies away, what means you will not have the same potential chance in the path again. This is it.

In my opinion, I think this could be the most strategic key for the success of whatever in Life.


The client knew exactly what he wanted, but we had to be ready to offer what might make him ¨get surprised¨. In this way, fortunately we were agile at the moment of searching what he exactly needed, contributing with the proposals that the team work generated just thinking about ¨what our ideal house¨ was in mind. Being realistic, acting responsibly, and offering gratefully.  Behaving always like this, the final feeling of the client got into a new perception about ¨Wow!, these guys are really dying for me¨. ..In that moment, we finished being ¨just providers¨, and we became ¨TRULY SOLVERS¨.


…After all this, I feel really proud of my team-mates, and I can guess something really important is getting born right now.



orquidiario estepona
(Orchidarium Botanical Garden. Estepona).

Thanks Marbella for your golden days, but the future gem is ESTEPONA right now. This is a post for ¨visionaries¨.

The financial crisis that is apparently approaching in these times, plus the Global ¨Brexit¨ effect, the USA-China customs tariff battle, or the climate exchange with all its consequences, are generating a total undefined situation that makes people get ¨lost¨. We don´t know how banks are going to behave in this context (I guess responsibly, this is their business too), or even if the sea might shallow all of us in a few years. In my opinion, we all have to be aware that we are living a ¨current moment¨; I mean, we can´t stop because of a what ¨might happen¨. We are  forced to REACT, and this World is definitely only for brave souls.

According to this, the local Government in Estepona is doing its things well: proper celerity for construction licenses, the eco-friendly urban planning is effective, the urban logistics expansion is a real fact, leisure services are creating an attractive town, and cosmopolitanism fills the streets day by day in this town. This is simply GREAT.

Well, you can think now ¨there´s no difference with Marbella for those reasons..¨. All right let´s check then THREE important detailed concepts in my opinion:


In this current time when construction is totally paralysed in Marbella due to a politic and legal situation, according to the General Urban Plan –Plan General de Ordenación Urbanística (PGOU)– that has just been rejected by the Court one more time again, Estepona is wisely taking advantage of the situation, and constructors are focusing their strategies on the Marbella outskirts now. This is the main key to understand ¨why¨ Estepona is growing up so quickly, and ¨why¨ the first celebrities in the World are stepping forward already: footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has recently acquired a wonderful luxury property at the ¨La Resina Golf & Country Club¨ complex. My respect.

casa cristiano
(Cristiano Ronaldo´s new mansion in Estepona).


¨Estepona¨ is not ¨Marbella¨ (yet), and the market always knows about concepts as ¨branding¨, ¨value¨ and ¨prices¨ for these cases. Whoever knows this, knows as well about the other more strategic ¨financial potential¨ concept for any investment. This means, Estepona is half-priced (4,000€m2 vs. 8,000€m2 mean price in Marbella) for the luxury market areas, what makes this town a really interesting area for investors to manage. Considering the idea that Marbella is ranked 20th. at the top luxury priced cities in the World, let me guess how clearly HUGE the potential is in this region Worldwide now, including the other defining factor for a purchase decision process (the climate), where Marbella is ranked 3rd. in the same comparison chart for a daylight hours/year mean, within 320 sunny days per year, the same as Estepona town (..they know about this very well in other cities as London, Shanghai or New York).


World Map


Almost the 90% of the luxury properties in Estepona are based on a new construction style. In this sense, there are no classic villas here, and the property market involves Mediterranean and the most modern luxury mansions in this region. ¨Future is present in Estepona¨, and investors are now focusing their energies on concepts as ¨Home automation (telework + leisure + remote management)¨, and ¨Philosophy of wellness (eco-friendly construction)¨, based on organic farming botany, sustainable eco-energy efficiency and environment care / integration. ..If you are considering the idea of purchasing a villa for investment or residential reasons, please take in consideration these basic concepts from now on. Don´t ruin your pocket.
luxury estepona
(Beachline luxury villa at Estepona).
If you reached reading this, I let you know the StarLite Festival will host its next editions in Estepona. You will see the officialized information at the mass media soon.
Christiano Ronaldo´s new house in Estepona (spanish).
Paralysed again the Urban planning project in Marbella (spanish).