A total Luxury case study


Well, I must admit this is a real dream come true for me. I always say when you evidence ¨passion¨ for what you do, Life is mutual with your proceed.

This is the simulation for what comes in the next months. A beachline Luxury mansion for a ¨top class super-VIP¨ client that decided to set his life in Marbella-Spain, and will bring his exclusive private luxury car collection with him. In this occasion, the picture shows the proposal for a glass-walled parking garage area, where the roof becomes a terrace floor at the swimming pool & garden areas, within amazing-privileged sea views. ..Can you imagine it???!!,.. in this sense, the garage gets into a kind of ¨trophy cabinet¨ where guests will be able to get delighted at the private parties in the place. Obviously the future owner of this beauty got excited for the plan, and this will be a real fact soon. No matter anything else but ¨execution¨; no lack of whatever else.


As you can sense, a project of these huge dimensions requires the ¨gift of the opportunity¨. You have to be at the precise place in the right moment, otherwise this would have simply been a crazy story.

When I was contacted for ¨a coffee¨, I would have never imagined what there was in behind. My friend said ¨George I need you, leave everything¨. ..When she explained everything in detail, I began to follow her instructions. These are the ¨keys¨ that I consider strategic for the successful path since the origins of the case:


When a project like this enters your Life, forget concepts as ¨commission¨ or ¨profit¨. You just have to BELIEVE! in yourself, and bet for an extraordinary opportunity that your career faces. In a current World invaded by ¨egos¨, the 70% of the projects fail down due to ¨authoritarianism¨. So, it is important to know how to listen to the others, being capable of providing solutions at the same time. This is how work teams grow, and this means you will be wrong if the first question is ¨how much my money will be¨. You just evidence you are the right person for this since the beginning,  …and the rest will come.


Everything matters, even though you think something is trivial. You can´t imagine how many ¨potential good options¨ we have been prospecting during the last three months, in order to achieve the ideal land plot or property existing in the market, for a hypothetical final solution, being capable of satisfying the demanding needs of the client at the same time. This means, if a lawyer, or architect, or whoever involved in the case, calls you whenever saying ¨we have to meet this person in 15 minutes¨, you are always obliged to say ¨YES¨ with no excuses. People have their own Life, their own duties, their own needs to solve, and if they just minimum sense you are ¨occupied¨ in the first moment, then they will consider the idea of prioritizing in their things too. …And obviously, in that instant moment the solution flies away, what means you will not have the same potential chance in the path again. This is it.

In my opinion, I think this could be the most strategic key for the success of whatever in Life.


The client knew exactly what he wanted, but we had to be ready to offer what might make him ¨get surprised¨. In this way, fortunately we were agile at the moment of searching what he exactly needed, contributing with the proposals that the team work generated just thinking about ¨what our ideal house¨ was in mind. Being realistic, acting responsibly, and offering gratefully.  Behaving always like this, the final feeling of the client got into a new perception about ¨Wow!, these guys are really dying for me¨. ..In that moment, we finished being ¨just providers¨, and we became ¨TRULY SOLVERS¨.


…After all this, I feel really proud of my team-mates, and I can guess something really important is getting born right now.


My best reasons for a fruitful 2020

jorge medina azcarate

President Calvin Coolidge used to say Christmas is not a time nor a season, but ¨a state of mind¨. In this sense, I wish you all a total happiness state of mind today & ever.

This Year 2020 will begin full of big changes as usual every year. This is a big tip now: keep doing your things well, and there is no reason to fear. Humanity showed  that we always go on along the whole History, no matter what the circumstances are.

1- Brexit.

Obviously the ¨Brexit¨ will mark a total turning point for all of us, not just in Europe but the entire Planet. I always say another door opens when one is shut, and we have to be ready now for the big ¨tsunami¨. I´m pretty sure a lot of ¨Brits¨ will take advantage of buying a property wherever in the World, in order to get the residential visa in that country according to their private interests. In this way, the Costa del Sol area in Spain will become a strategic investment meeting point not just for climate, but the door that opens for whoever manages interests at the whole European Continent. Keep this in mind, offer strategic solutions, be effective, and the rest will come. Do never consult properties thinking about a residential visa for these clients, but for an investment solution for their lives. They need to kill two birds with one stone.

2- Energy & Technology & Security.

¨Certificate¨ is the key word at the moment. Everything is getting under a ¨hard legal control¨, and you will get into a big problem if you decide to take action by yourselves. Due to this ¨ecological wave¨ we are all involved in (good), now properties are obliged to behave according legal terms related to energy efficiency and sustainability. This means, if your property doesn´t follow the rules, will become a total failure soon. Investments in smart control systems will get into proper steps, beyond just modernizing an equipment.

But not everything will be related to efficiency only, clients will demand street security above all. The traditional concept of ¨good location¨ is now complemented by the need of ¨feeling secure¨. The beach line areas that follow this rule, will be always unbeatable against new construction properties at the mountain area. In this way, good refurbished villas at the beach area, that are now plus located into a private security residential area, will become the best investment offer for any acquisitor.

Energy efficiency + Security + Comfortability are the three legs of the table, and all the property owners I work with, have this really present in their minds.

3- China, USA, rest of the World.

2020 will be the ¨Year of the Metal Rat¨ in China, so if we follow this strong belief, undoubtedly this will a successful time for those who plan to buy real estate, to start a business, or to invest money in a long-term project. Get ready for this, because when chinese people step, the rest of the World just focus on following them. Probably this will a good year to see chinese investors in Spain, not just searching for residential and vacation properties, but ¨wise financial opportunities¨.

Experts say Mr. Trump will not be defeated after the impeachment, but he might get ¨warned¨ for his currently financial policy. This means, if this non-sense global ¨tariff war¨ ends, at least if it gets soft, we could live an interesting moment in the Human History in this year. I know this might sound ¨utopian¨ now, but I think you always must give the World a chance.

My best wishes for this exciting New Year 2020 that comes now.


Costa del Sol, a Worldwide exclusive stage.


It´s absolutely important to be present in the center of the Map.

The ¨Costa del Sol¨ region in Spain is a Worldwide famous location for being considered a central meeting point for business matters. People from Singapore and Mexico City (for instance), agree locations like Marbella or Estepona as perfect places to set their meetings for their private interests. The same happens when somebody from Hong Kong needs to meet a person coming from New York. ..Or Moscow & Buenos Aires, Cape Town & Miami… they all agree an equidistant place with good weather where they can close their deals in a proper environment. In short, we are located at a GEOGRAPHICALLY STRATEGIC PLACE in the Map of the World. Basically this always means a true chance for the ¨OPPORTUNITY¨: you must be here ¨yes or yes¨, if you really want to be involved in the wheel of business.

Actually the biggest expat communities in Spain are located in the ¨Costa del Sol¨ region. That´s why Malaga City is considered a strategic consular area in Europe as well, hosting the current 41 International Consulates that are located here. Specially the British Expats Community –Brexpats in Spain-, the biggest one abroad from their own country. Russians, Arabs, French, German, Dutch and Scandinavians are truly strong here too. At the same time, Mexicans and Chinese are expected to be the ¨next generation¨ here soon.

King Fahd from Saudi Arabia knew all this very well, and build his private ¨Al Riyadh Palace¨ in Marbella, together with an exclusive Muslim library safe keeping more than 30,000 volumes about the Holy Koran, and the Al Risalat Mosque, what encompasses the biggest Muslim cultural complex in Occident.

Al Riyadh Palace

(Al Riyadh Palace)

Following the same steps, the new Monarch Salman Ibn Abdelaziz has recently build his ¨Al-Riya Palace¨ here too. In fact, the House of Saud is not alone here, and other huge celebrities as the actors Antonio Banderas, Robert De Niro or George Clooney, the singer Julio Iglesias, the Manchester United shareholder Ron Wood, the Russian President Vladimir Putin, or the Thyssen Baroness and Her Royal Highness Grand Duchess of the Alba House, have their own properties in this region too. Even the football player Cristiano Ronaldo has recently bought a property in Estepona, which gives clues about the expansion of this ¨strategic paradise¨ in the whole World. At the same time, all of them have their yachts moored in Puerto Banus, the most expensive Marina at the moment in the Mediterranean Sea.

When you become such an important focal point like this in the Planet, you have to be aware of the consequences that this brings. I mean, all the Secret Intelligence Services in the World are present here too. When you go out to a discotheque in the night at Puerto Banus, you have to know there are special agents from the MI6, the CIA, the Mossad or the SVR Agencies mixed in the crowd. Far away from any possibility to get scared, this simply means a basic concept of ¨TOTAL SECURITY¨. Consequently, the ¨Costa del Sol¨ region is one of the most safest and controlled places in the Planet today.

According to all this, you can dedicatedly find ¨La Zagaleta¨ urbanization here. This is the most hidden and exclusive residential complex in Europe. It is the only urbanization in the whole Continent that quotes on the Stock Exchange Market -¨Zagaleta Limited¨, London based company-, through the Sankt Gallen Bank in Switzerland, for an ¨over the counter¨ secondary market.

In consequence, all these factors make the ¨Costa del Sol¨ at the same time, one of the golf-fields biggest concentration Worldwide, together with the feeling of enjoying one of the most climatically stable areas in the Planet.

So, in conclusion, I can strongly say that when somebody decides to invest here, ¨IS ABSOLUTELY PRESENT IN THE MAP¨.


La Zagaleta¨ exclusive urbanization)






Why proceed with an independent consultant.

In this current World where competition is fierce, you need to get really well surrounded to not be devoured. In this sense, I work at the same time with local property owners, Real Estate investors, agencies, lawyers and public administrators in Spain. If you want to buy/sell a property in this country and you are coming from abroad, an independent consultant can make an efficient intermediation for your private interest, not following any compromise with just one specific provider, as agencies do regularly. This allows you to open a big field for an execution plan… and in my opinion, this is enough.

Plus, there are more relevant weapons to seriously keep in mind:

1). Rigorousness.

Usually, an independent consultant´s work method and philosophy are unique. The power for this is given by the project selection capability we have on schedule, due to we can decide where to work and where not. At the first moment I visit a potential property on sale, I make a complete and exhaustive analysis about the product, considering key concepts as the location area, other similar properties on sale, the house services, major assets and weaknesses, legal terms as licenses, certificates and tendencies, views, construction, energy consumes, maintenance, handicap adaptation, insurances, financial debts, source of money,… trust me: nobody in this industry gets as ¨precise¨ as us, when we are forced to focus strongly in our client. We are not international companies, so this means ¨we can´t fail¨.

After the whole analysis process, we agree the final ¨correct price¨ of the property with the owner. Sometimes property owners demand a higher price in their initial intentions, but we make them see how such important ¨the right price¨ in the market is, for the ¨proper buyer¨ to come. If somebody does not have this in mind, that person is practically ¨dead¨, even before opening this complicated ¨window to the World¨ that means buying/selling a property. And even if after the process we consider the final price of the property is not reciprocated with its context circumstances, we simply don´t accept the project. Our buyers know this at the same time, and we will never betray their trust. They always demand that exact & precise ¨right price¨too.


2). Security.

Other key to seriously consider at the moment of taking the decision of working with an independent consultant, is the ¨BACKGROUND FREE CHANCES¨ behind any project transaction. When you enter the world of a buy/acquisition property, you can´t imagine how many unforeseen circumstances appear on the way, and which all of them finish always in the same way: as big is the commission, as easier is the final solution. In the other hand, simply accepting our services as we are independently involved in the local market, our clients enter the chance and support to collaborate with the best local lawyers, photographers, advertisers, civil servants, contract translators, ..and the rest of professionals involving the Real Estate market that a property transaction requires. This is something that sometimes big agencies don´t take in consideration, due to they always work with the same providers, who worriedly get ¨comfortably established¨ in the time.  In this sense, with an independent consultant you will have your property intentions in the best possible local professional hands ready to give their best, because they need to make their client portfolio strong. They work when their clients speak well about them, …and trust me again, there is no money that can afford this personal kind of service.

3). Customization.

It´s really easy to get an agreement with us, due to our capacity for comprehension is limitless. You can deal with us for whatever you might need, and we will see how we can help you in the terms we are interested as well. We don´t have any ¨strict company rule¨ to follow due to our professional freedom for execution, and in this sense, life is undoubtedly much easier with us. Your problems would become our problems too.

This is our main principle, and be sure nobody else mired in compromises will be capable to tell you the same. That´s why in the end we become ¨real friends¨ after working with our clients. Familiarity is one of our main features too.



Invest where you feel safe.


…It´s such a big shame what the whole World is watching these days about Catalonia in Spain. Experts foresee the ¨Costa del Sol¨ region in Spain as the most benefited part in this story, relating to varied subjects as congresses, tourism, cruise ships and Real Estate. This is sad for an ¨old school¨ person like me, who loves celebrating  victories by own merits, rather than any other parallel ¨demerit¨. Beyond this, now it is time to get ready for what comes to our region, specially the area of Estepona, as I said before in my referred post.

According to this, I wanted to check which the safest countries Worldwide to invest or travel are.  You can visit the Global Peace Index-2020 created by the ¨Institute for Economics & Peace¨, the world’s leading think tank dedicated to developing metrics to analyse Peace and to quantify its economic value. It´s founded by the entrepreneur and philanthropist Steve Killelea.

This rank is defined by not only political or crime issues. It also includes analysis of ¨TRENDS¨ (this word is magical for me) in Positive Peace: the attitudes, institutions, and structures that create and sustain peaceful societies. It looks at the relationship between the actual Peace of a country, and how a deficit of Positive Peace is often a predictor of future increases in violent conflict. Plus, it looks as well at the dynamic relationship between changes in Positive Peace and changes in the economy.  ..This is wicked.

As you can see at the 163 countries rank, Spain is listed #32 losing 3 positions. I´m pretty sure the Catalonia issue is the main reason for these data, together with the unstable political situation at the whole country, after four Presidential Elections in four years. This means, if we were capable to remove the Spanish politics, this country would be a TOTAL PARADISE. The rest is great here: logistics are increasing, and modernity is already a fact.

..What really strikes me are the horrible ranked positions for other ¨supposed powerful¨ countries in Tourism Worldwide. I mean France (#60, the most visited country Worldwide), or the USA (#128, the second most visited), ..and even both countries are losing positions according to last year´s rank . This is crazy.

In the same way, it´s still surprising (at least for me), discovering other lost ranked references as Israel (#146), or Turkey (#152),.. two big competitors for Spain in Tourism. ..Or Italy & the United Kingdom close but bellow Spain, with the great consideration that the UK is apparently climbing positions after the ¨Brexit¨ effect. This means societies are always the main engine of this World.

China & Russia are where no reasonable mind could imagine (#110 and #154 respectively.. I guess there are political interests before these data), and my big surprise (and congrats) for Portugal, ranked #3, climbing 2 positions, staying always there, and doing the things properly. Probably this is the only exception for a whole European Continent, that goes down in a general and worrying trend.



-About the Institute for Economics & Peace.


-Catalonia crisis in 300 words.