¨Narcos¨ are human too.


Imagine you arrive to a narco ranch in Mexico and 30 teenagers welcome you as their special guest, driving two huge ¨pickups¨, and full-armed with Kalashnikovs…  (that happened to me once).

In that long weekend they killed a pig for me, we played football, we drank and enjoyed good music,.. we behaved like real brothers. Staying with them I learned how they take their kids to their own school, how the go to mass at their own church, how they buy milk at their own food shop, or how they farm poppy for their own subsistence. I learned about real life concepts such as ¨way of life¨, ¨traditions¨, ¨customs¨ and ¨essence¨.

I spoke with them to let them know: ¨..hey listen guys, this experience will be always remarkable for me, I appreciate this so much, but I think the whole World must know about these things too, you can´t just be the typical bud guys in this movie. I refuse to accept this¨.  I had really amazing intellectual conversations with the doctor of the community, the priest and the teacher (..the ¨ideological leaders¨ of any narco community), and we finally agreed to make a locally-focused photo exhibition, where to be able to express this opportune message, and clearly show ¨the flip side of the coin¨.




If you travel to the South-Bronx in New York or Vila Cruceiro Favela in Rio de Janeiro, probably you will have more chances to die for a lost bullet than in any other region in Mexico. It is crucial to learn how to make the difference between people that make their own way of life for subsistence, versus the ¨bastard rats¨ with no education and lost principles, that just behave like thieves or murders to obtain their gold cravings.


Why all the news about narcos are currently related just to murders and death??. Who´s trying to scare people and why??. Lots of journalists behave in this simple way for ignorance reasons or market rules.


No tourist gets murdered in Mexico for just staying at the country. People come, enjoy the beaches and restaurants, and after the holidays they take their flights back to their own homes (end of the story).  I´m pretty sure you´ve got a friend that visited Mexico whenever and wherever, and he/she will confirm all these things I´m meaning now.  ..Then, Why the US Government scares to American citizens (in the precise and strategic moment they decide by theirselves), for their citizens to not go to Mexico??. This exhibition will teach people how to stay above all these political decisions, just to be FREE AND CAPABLE to take their own decisions, to travel ¨when¨ and ¨where¨ they just want, with no any other ¨superficial or interested interferences¨.


(More info at surpriseyourguests@gmail.com)



Joe Biden needs the stars at his logo.


Well this is something not related to politics, but to graphic communication. And I need desperately to say this, because a ¨US Elections¨ concept means ¨how to try to solve the World¨ to me.

The thing is, Joe Biden´s US Presidential Candidacy was introduced by the mass media yesterday Worldwide. At the moment I was watching the promotional video, I got really surprised -shocked-, when I saw the corporate logo for the campaign. Initially it was simple, clear, direct… good option. But after two seconds of ¨soul pleasure¨, I quickly noticed the stars from the American flag were literally ¨off¨. ..In that moment I thought: ¨No way!!, this is too much simple to me¨.

..Can you imagine a European flag without stars??!!. ..And what about the Chinese flag as well??..  More than this: Can you really figure the Pope without his cassock??!!… What do you think when you see a swimming pool without water in it???.

All these cases are about the simple and basic concept of ¨essence¨. You should never lose your ¨integrity¨, whatever really identifies you. For the matter about the American flag, the stars directly represent the 50 states of the United States of America, symbolizing the concepts of ¨Unity¨, ¨Democracy¨ and ¨Freedom¨.  ..The whole-real-total ¨American way of life¨ concept. This is the Bible.

In this sense, I took the permission to propose this simple change for a new logo version, resuming this trivial concept evidenced in these lines. Please Democrats, try to solve this initial problem as soon as possible. We are still on time, and the whole World needs your win. I´m sick of f*****g Donald Trump.


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