Art exhibition: ¨Trump´s Other World¨. What has not been said.


Mr. Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America on November 9, 2016. The threat and worldwide fear over this event flew over the long electoral process, increasing in time as the day of the final vote approached… until IT happened.

The popular and institutional rejection was insistent throughout the whole campaign, made official by the immense number of public personalities that stood firm against the hypothetical result, from the communities of artists, athletes, journalists, NGOs, politicians and entrepreneurs.

Never was a presidential election in the White House so controversial, by the derogatory, insulting, antisocial tone and lack of regulatory pragmatics, which invaded the dialectics between the two presidential candidates. There were no political programs, no constructive guidelines for action, no coordinating core ideas, much less the solutions needed to combat the current marked division within American society. No candidate reflected on the country’s international policies on war, government or environmental issues. The candidates expressly devoted themselves to the mutual destruction of each other, putting themselves at the service, interest and benefit of each of the parties, at the expense of the other’s stigma. This fact led to a superfluous confrontation, lacking in pro-activity, and only succeeded in increasing even more if possible, the divided feeling of the nation that listened to them.

The result of all this was the excessive reaction of the society considered as “losing party” from the day after the vote. Countless street protests, a series of clashes that threaten to trigger a civil conflict, and the dismantling of a whole social fabric constructed over the centuries, based on extremely expensive social advances in human rights matters, which today begin to jeopardize dangerously.

Everything that was not talked about in that electoral process, everything that was omitted by interest, everything that was not wanted to be known at the time, possibly today has brought  American society to the point where it is. This exhibition is a historical record of those “mysteries”, those “silences” that led citizens to a choice of undoubted global relevance, from the “planned” lack of information needed to make their decisions, and from responsibility, Social and human criteria that was required. The current system of “Democracy” understood as such, runs a serious danger of distortion, disbelief and even disappearance, if these “praxis” between political parties, is spread by the rest of the democratic countries in the world.

In this sense, the exhibition becomes an opportune didactic tool of experiential, social and cultural learning. This is undoubtedly an initiative that shows Art as a reactionary channel; appropriate, willing and necessary, to serve and provide a unique interest of a whole society…of all societies.


Art Team 3. Mexico City, November 14th. 2016.



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